Natural Play

Introducing Cellula Natural- a range for playgrounds that are more in touch with our environment.

Designed to use Kaebel Leisure’s Arbor Ankor, an innovative way of connecting rope to natural timber, which is both ultra-durable and aesthetically pleasing, Cellula Natural is a bit like the original Cellula range with the ability to link up elements but breaks free of the mould with more variety and new elements which are only part of the Cellula Natural range. Many elements are designed to not only be great linked up but can offer just as much on their own.

Cellula Natural can be ordered with poles supplied or you can supply your own, when supplied by Kaebel Leisure we use recycled locally sourced Australian Eucalypt timber which integrates with the Australian landscape and can cope with our local conditions, pests and all. Cellula Natural aims to use more renewable materials and give our children more appreciation for the natural environment with its natural textures and looks.

Our Natural timber posts are highly durable, however, they are not a set and forget option. Natural timber does require maintenance and cracks will form as part of the natural lifecycle.

About the Arbor Ankor

Here at Kaebel Leisure we’ve seen a change in the industry with natural play taking front of stage in recent years. The challenge as a rope manufacturer was how we connect to natural timber products which are often dimensionally inconsistent seeing as though rope is very inflexible and many rope products just simply won’t work if the lengths aren’t right. We decided we needed adjustability and after many prototypes and designs we landed at the Arbor Ankor. The Arbor Ankor is strong, cost effective, easy to install, looks great and has adjustability.

How it works: The timber has a hole drilled through and a small area flattened by our custom tool so that every piece sits on nicely, then the rope which is terminated with extra chain which is pulled through the hole until the correct tension achieved and locked in on the rear side of the timber for a strong connection. The Arbor Ankor can be used not only in the Natural range but across a vast degree of custom applications which require adjustability without using bigger, uglier & less safe terminations.

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