"spaghetti.....justa like a mamma used to make it....."

Well not exactly in authentic Italian style but we wanted to show you how we created our amazing Spaghetti structure, the ingredients used and the method we use to create the perfect playground pasta.

The first part of the recipe requires a great design and specification.

Since a large proportion of the Australian population live within 100km of the coast we decided one of the key ingredients to a successful outcome was to use stainless steel as the base of the dish. We went to our engineers to calculate the required pipe size and refined the design until a flowing mix of curves and straights could be achieved. Ultimately we settled on a thick walled pipe 168mm diameter.

Next was to work out how to join the pipe so that a super creamy transition could be achieved ensuring a blemish free appearance. We designed some custom connections, all in stainless steel and machined them so that the installation would be accurate and simple. It’s very important not to overheat the mix when it comes time to install.

The external structure is the basis for the dish but pasta needs a great sauce and we have some fantastic ingredients in our store that really bring things alive. Vegetables, herbs and spices .... think rope, rubber and pommels. All connected using our tried and tested stainless connections topped off with the small details that only time and experience can deliver.  

As we had a stainless steel base to work from, the connections for the rope were our ever reliable and super popular ‘chain boss’. These little babies are the spice in the mix; small and unassuming they just make the pasta sing. TIG welded in house by our skilled chef, they provide a durable, reliable and strong connection which, when painted are pure perfection.

There you have the ingredients, all ready to combine into a tasty and mouth watering meal.

The only difference between this and a normal pasta dish is the cooking time. To get best results you need about five weeks :) Its best not to rush these things.

Once you have combined the ingredients, it’s into the oven for half a day or so and voila’......... The Perfect Spaghetti .... justa like a mamma used to make ....

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